Want to schedule a group class for your child and some friends with a schedule that works for you? Here are some other classes that might be of interest.

Thesis & the Grammar Gods ~~ Available to Grades 3-5
We focus a bit on the grammar nuts and bolts every student needs, but we have a riotous amount of fun, too. Reading Greek myths with a twist (imagine them from Hades' point of view), kids will do their own creative writing about what makes a hero. To add a bit of flavor, we’ll look at some real life stories of kids who fight for the things they believe in – all to determine exactly what qualities we look for in our leaders. Short weekly writing assignments will help students develop analytical writing skills with an emphasis on topic sentences and supporting detail.

“The Grocery Store” ~~ Available to Grades 2-8
**Food Equity, Social Responsibility**
“Think globally, eat locally” is our motto as we show the many ways our choices can impact the world around us. Students explore ideas about becoming global citizens who use limited resources responsibly—all while mastering some fabulous vocabulary words. Students find all the staples here—grammar, vocab, reading, and style—as they focus on developing their analytical writing ability.

Rabble, Babble, and Dabble: Three Not-So-Silent Springs ~~ Available to Grades 3-5
**Environmental Issues**
Rabble, Babble, and Dabble—a treacherous troublemaker, a splendiferous speechwriter, and an ingenious inventor—help students understand the connection between pollution, global warming, and the myriad bottles of water consumed daily. Students read both fiction and nonfiction articles, learn dozens of scintillating new vocabulary words, and develop strong sentence styles as they strengthen analytical, persuasive, and creative writing skills.

Water Wars ~~ Available to Grades 6-9
**Water Equity**
Students master new vocabulary words as they investigate current issues concerning the preservation of our clean water supply. Students engage in research and speech writing as they ponder the ethical question of who actually owns water. Analytical assignments challenge these young writers both to look past the rhetoric and to create clear, concise arguments with evidence to back their thesis statements. Fun reading accompanies the material so students can see the creative ways water as a metaphor “seeps” into literature and media alike.

Newspapers for Global Citizens ~~ Available to Grades 6-12
**General Social Issues, Leadership**
Our future leaders should know what is going on in the world, but most kids make little time to peruse the news. Knowledge of current events strengthens one’s ability to respond to an argument persuasively. Reading the news they develop master-level vocabulary skills and reading comprehension. Gather some friends and see how reading and discussing articles from news sources will make “staying informed” easy. 

The Choir's Off-Key ~~ Available to Grades 6-12
**Tolerance, Leadership**
What the heck is everyone fighting about when it comes to religion? Students will read articles and several books from authors such as Carl Jung, C.S. Lewis, and Elie Wiesel as well as historical documents related to our country’s tradition of separating church and state. As students look at the many roles of religion in society today, they'll write stories and letters and thoughts about what they think it will take to live peaceably in a global community. An amazing opportunity for passionate writers to push themselves to the next level of expression.

         Core Writing Classes to Develop Test-Taking and Beyond...

THE Essay -- SAT Writing with Hemingway & Kafka ~~ Available to Grades 9-12

Each day we read and discuss short stories from Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro. By emphasizing the various themes found in each story, we ensure that you will have a plethora of ideas for the SAT twenty-five minute essay. But perhaps more importantly, these stories are awesome! It is the most effective essay prep ever. Let’s face it, people can’t write anything unless they have something to say.

The Rules of Clear Writing: Review of Grammar Fundamentals ~~ Available to Grades 9-12

It doesn’t matter how great your ideas may be. If you can’t communicate these ideas in a clear, grammatically correct form, the message will be lost. This is why grammar is an integral part of the SAT. This is why all high school students need to review grammar fundamentals, including verb tenses (perfect tenses, subjunctive, conditional), s/v agreement, pronoun use, and idioms. At YouthInkwell, we know grammar isn’t much fun most of the time, but we try to make it painless. And let’s face it, while we all need someone to proofread our writing from time to time, wouldn’t it be great to know that you catch your own mistakes rather than relying on someone else to do it for you?  

Students will leave this class as better writers – Guaranteed!

from former students...

“This class was pretty productive for me. I learned a lot of new vocabulary, sentence structures, tips on writing essays, stuff about ethics, and much more. The learning here was probably more efficient that at other summer classes.”
 - Vincent, Grade 7

“I am so glad that I took this class. I learned how to write proper English and learned a lot of new words. You made English fun for me. I also learned many interesting and new things about the world we live in. Thank you for teaching me!”
 - George, Grade 3

“I learned a ton of stuff in this class. I learned about the Iraq War and a lot of vocab words. I learned a lot of sentence structures, too.”

- Luke, Grade 7

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