Our Teaching Philosophy is Simple!

In life, you are going to have to write.  You may as well have fun doing it! 

from some of our students...

“During the six weeks at YouthInkwell, I learned a lot and improved a lot. I didn’t only learn how to write better, but I also learned how to be a better person. I think that I contributed a lot to discussions.”

-Brooke, grade 7


“The most enjoyable part of this class had to be reading articles and discussing our opinions.  What was also fun was reading an article and getting emotionally involved with the subject.”

-Katie, Grade 8


“We write a bunch of essays. I LOVE YOUTHINKWELL.”
-Jack, Grade 3

"Funniest teacher on earth! Thank you for teaching me that all styles of writing are fun!"
-Mayanka, Grade 5