Student Highlight

Writing Sample
Henry, Grade 3
Descriptive Writing Exercise

"Her cards have angels and little swirls on them.  It's impossible to put them upside down.  Sometimes we play Go Fish and sometimes we play War. No one ever always wins at Grandma's house.

I don't really have a favorite room at Grandma's. My grandparent's room has the softest bed in the world. When I sink into it I don't feel anything. I just fall right to sleep. The kitchen has a great smell.  It smells like delicious cheese and smoke mixed together as quesadillas and steak brown on the stove top. The family room is fun to watch t.v. in as I bounce from recliner to sofa to soft carpet.

Grandma doesn't really have a yard, but she has a beautiful garden with pretty flowers. She has tons of roses and that's basically all she has. Pink, white, red, and yellow, she has all the colors." 




“I have had a great, great experience at YouthInkwell this semester. Even if I hadn’t liked it, it would still have been amazing because my English grade has risen since I started the program.  I can read more intelligent books easily because I have learned those hard vocab words… I also enjoyed the political exposure. My dad was impressed by the fact that I knew so much about politics, especially during the election.”

-AJ, Grade 8

“Some of the things I learned about are the 6 Pillars of Character, how to write a good paragraph, and how to play Quiddler. You can make a good paragraph by starting out with an opening sentence and ending with a concluding sentence.  In between that, you can write sentences based on the main idea with supporting details at the end of each sentence.”
-Therese, Grade 3 

“This year, I learned what 'underdog' means and I learned a phrase which says 'Everything in Moderation'. I learned to do my best and how to take action.”

-Ethan, Grade 1


“I learned that Whole Foods has a healthy peanut better that I’m addicted to, that people once thought tomatoes were poisonous, and that one billion people are hungry at this very second. I really liked writing and reading stories. I’ve improved on how creative I am. In school I wrote a story with my friend about an elephant named Sebastian, an armadillo named Bob, and an Indian-talking boombox that they fight over. I would like to improve my writing more. I don’t write a lot in school.”

-Nick, Grade 1