What Are We?

What Are We?

YouthInkwell offers writing classes for students in grades 1-12. Using both creative and analytical writing exercises, YouthInkwell shows students that writing is a powerful tool that can implement positive change in the world. ManyYouthInkwell classes, including our Leadership Camp, revolve around social issues and issues of concern to the community. Classes are available on-line, in our office, in students' homes, as well as at our partnership locations.

Phone: (917) 515-2559
Email: jsarja@youthinkwell.com

Private Tutoring and Group Classes Available
Our Mission

Our Mission

We don’t just teach kids to write, we give them a reason to write well.

Bolster grammar, vocab, critical thinking skills AND change the world!

Call (917) 515-2559 for more information on how we make writing fun!


Become a published author! Students learn about social issues that are impacting our world and then use their writing to inspire change. Come in curious and leave passionate to make a difference. 

See our classes page for complete program listings.
Why YouthInkwell?

Thought Leadership

YouthInkwell has developed a critical thinking & writing program that incorporates creativity and mind exercises into daily work. More than that, our energy is infectious. Yes, our courses help students strengthen not only their writing proficiency, but also their memory skills, reading speed, and analytical abilities.  But more than that, our enthusiastic instruction helps motivate students to ask questions, to speak boldly, to write clearly and be heard. These are the skills that set leaders apart. At YouthInkwell, we think beyond having students do well on a single paper or test; we help students create, harness, and command the confidence and voice to be thought leaders in life.
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